Chain Gang Game

Ranking Rules

How basho points are calculated
For every win you get 100 points + bonus points dependent on the rank of your picked Rikishi (see table below).
Bonus points:
1 1st Makuuchi Rikishi (mostly Yokozuna East)
2 2nd Makuuchi Rikishi
42last Makuuchi Rikishi
43Juryo 1 East
44Juryo 1 West
70Juryo 14 West
71any Makushita Rikishi
For example: If you pick the Rikishi ranked at Juryo 1 West and your picked Rikishi wins his Bout, then you get 144 (100 + 44) points. If your picked Rikishi loses, you get 0 points.
The basho points are the sum of all achieved daily points.
How ranking points are calculated
Ranking points (RP) are calculated by this formula:
RP = 1.0 * BP1 + 0.9 * BP2 + 0.8 * BP3 + 0.7 * BP4 + 0.6 * BP5 + 0.5 * BP6
where BP1...BP6 are the basho points of the last 6 Bashos you had no Kosho* status.
Missing a Basho / Kosho* rules
For the first missed Basho you get the Kosho* status automatically. If you miss two or more Bashos in a row, you get the Kosho* status only for the first missed Basho. If you are absent for three consecutive Bashos, you will be removed from the ranking list.
(*) Kosho: Missing a Basho without affecting the ranking points